Hamilton’s MAPS Media Institute Appears In Emmy Magazine

The MAPS Media Institute in Hamilton was highlighted in an article in Emmy Magazine this month.

Emmy is the official magazine of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Actor James Spader is on the front cover and the article about MAPS, and in particular MAPS graduate Luke McLean, is on page 57.

On Friday, MAPS executive director Peter Rosten said he is excited for MAPS to have this national exposure.

“It’s truly remarkable and an honor that a national publication like Emmy Magazine finds our rural high school program newsworthy, and it appears that they truly get what MAPS is about – and that’s helping young people regardless of where they are,” said Rosten. “MAPS’ mission is to help children find their voice, so when Variety or Emmy Magazine publish information about us they help us. Maybe some kid in a remote place will say, ‘Hey I can do that.’ ”

The MAPS Media Institute offers free afterschool programming in design, film, music and technology for public and homeschool students.

MAPS often does production work pro-bono (without charge) for the quality real-world experience it offers students and for the benefit to the community.

“We are doing two pro-bono things in July in Darby – Logger Days and bull riding,” said Rosten. “Even though I’d rather get paid, it is good for the community. One of the things that we realize is that it gives a broader sense of what we do. Our students are learning about being a community servant and knowing about philanthropy.”

MAPS has received scholarship donations and national attention before, and Rosten knew this article was coming.

“The former president of the TV academy is a friend of mine and I reached out to him,” said Rosten. “So as it happens – John Schaffner, I believe he’s a UM grad, he’s been aware of MAPS for years. I called him to see if we could get in the magazine. This was over a six-month period: taking the time for the writer to interview Luke and me and then waiting a couple of months for the story to be banked.

“I like that they focused on one of our graduates. The majority of their magazine [Emmy Magazine] is black – but they gave our article blue so it just really stands out.”

Rosten is working on creating a stable financial base for the institute.

“I bought 50 Emmy Magazines and will use them this summer for fundraising,” he said. “We’ve been fragile for a long time, and this will be the first time we will reach out and ask people if they will donate. Our staff and instructors are so committed and so talented – our students benefit.”

For more information, visit mapsmediainstitute.com.