Jake Rowley Merit Award

*note: date unknown

In honor of a very special MAPS student, Jake Rowley, as well as other young adults who, like Jake, have found their creative soul through MAPS. Jake was extremely lucky to have realized the beauty he could contribute to the world just by doing what he loved; media arts, especially, writing.

This award is founded by those who love and miss Jake and would like other kids to know how much their talent is recognized and appreciated. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit of creativity, passion, team effort and commitment. It’s these qualities that make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of those surrounding you.


  • Kelly Gifford
  • Seth Nelson
  • Ivar Ogden
  • Cameron Padrotti
  • Will Ponder
  • Taylor Schlender
  • Cody Tredik
  • Garrison Woods
  • Mika Vitraneva