Letter From The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences

January 29, 2014

To: National Arts and Humanities Youth Program
From: Diane Bevins, Executive Director National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Northwest Chapter
Re: MAPS Letter of Recommendation

In my capacity as the Executive Director of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Northwest Chapter, I am honored to share with you my since thoughts by way of this letter of recommendation for the Media Arts in the Public Schools (MAPS) program.

Our chapter has had the privilege to experiencing the amazing impact of the MAPS program on the your of today who will fast become future computer science, media arts and digital technology professionals.

Broadcast professionals from within our communities have reviewed and judged submitted entries from the students enrolled in the MAPS programs and are always impressed with the artistic contribution this MAPS programming has presented to these students. The writing, video production, design, graphics all are vital skills which will implement, via broadcast communication, the message intended to be delivered.

The simplistic television broadcasting we have known of the past is fast changing to become moving images displayed on a screen. These can be everything from computer monitors to smart phone technology, and through the education and skills handed these students, they will surely be leaders in the future of the arts.