MAPS Media Instistute: ‘What stories will you tell?’

MAPS Media Institute classes continue this fall with exciting selections in design, film, music, and new technologies.

Fall is looking bright for MAPS students, and it isn’t just because their free-of-charge media arts classes will all be in-person.

MAPS Fall line-up offers students the chance to work with new instructors, learn new skills, and create more than ever before. This Montana nonprofit was launched in the Bitterroot in 2004 and continues to empower, inspire and prepare future generations for success through engaging community service, compassionate mentoring and professional media arts.

“This Fall we are excited to see what stories MAPS students will tell,” said Clare Ann Harff, MAPS Executive Director. “After a year online and a successful summer of in-person programming, we’re ready to continue working with students on their endless ideas and creative expression.”

One way students will be able to make their worlds come to life is through MAPS design class led by the expertise of 3D artist Amanda Estrada.

“My commitment to learning and working with students to help them explore the limitless possibilities of 3D art is what makes me so excited to join the MAPS team. I am excited to help students understand and push boundaries as they enter into new generations of digital entertainment,” said Estrada.

In addition to design, MAPS students will be able to dive into the world of filmmaking with field professional Katie Scott whose knack for film production has landed her in producer positions for major TV networks such as CBS, A&E, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and BBC Worldwide.

Scott has an organic approach to storytelling saying, “Around every corner is something that needs to be known and needs to be told. Now, instead of circling the globe I stay closer to my own backyard and am curious to see how MAPS students will share their meaningful stories through the camera lens.”

Take a quick trip to for class overviews and to learn more about our statewide programming. Returning Ravalli County students will find this part familiar, with classes in music and technology taught by the local musician and Shakewell band member, Cove Jasmin and Bitterroot College Fab Lab Director John Springer.

“MAPS teaches communication skills to help students express themselves more articulately and effectively. Together, our team of professional media artist educators help our students find their voices in this ever-changing world,” said Harff. “This work is what shines a light on the many possibilities the future holds. We just have one question — what stories will you tell?”

Classes run Oct. 4, 2021 through May 2022 and are free-of-charge for 8-12th grade students. MAPS is open 3–7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Students may enroll at any time.