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JENELL SEMPLE @ (406) 961-3007 EXT. 223


Week 1:

•  Begin basic flying rectangle drone construction
•  Learn how first-person view cameras work by driving ground drone robots
•  Explore versions of drones
•  Learn about drone laws and battery safety

Week 2:

•  Experience a Drone Racing League (DRL) simulator
•  Continue building flying rectangle drones
•  Begin to operate a variety of drones
•  Work with goggles and screens for drones
•  Continue learning about drone laws and battery safety

Week 3:

•  Work with laser tag drones, DRL, and more drone versions
•  Test their self-built flying rectangle drones
•  Learn drone controller setup
•  Learn about drone autonomous tracking features

Week 4:

•  Continue working with the DRL
•  Begin to race their drones
•  Learn how to control drones with gestures
•  Continue to work with even more drone versions

Week 5:

•  Learn about LED lights
•  Add LEDs to their flying rectangle drones
•  Continue working with DRL and even more versions of drones

Week 6:

•  Watch videos on upcoming and existing drone technology
•  Participate in DRL competitions
•  Learn to use mission planning features for autonomous flight
•  Learn to use 360 camera on drones