Brockton Photojournalism

The students chose the themes of their photo essays and slideshows –
these images have more than 1,000 words to share.

The Fort Peck Community College’s CHANTÉ Project initiated a year-long media arts program at Brockton High School with curriculum and instruction led by MAPS Media Institute.

One offering in this program was an intensive course on photojournalism. In this course students learned how to communicate story through image.

While they learned the basics of DSLR camera operation and how to take good photos through the basics of focus, exposure, composition, perspective, and action, they also learned how to edit and curate their images.

Student Individual Photo Essays

Billy B.

Theme: “Bad Decisions”

Malcom YH.

Theme: “Perspectives”

Princess R.

Theme: “Behind the Scenes”

Student Slideshows

QuinnDale PP.

Theme: “Brockton Warriors”

Jaidyn E.

Theme: “The Little One”

Courtney A.

Theme: “Scenes From Brockton School”